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Coming January 2021


Our Story

The Best Book Club started in 1957. The Faith Spark app launched in 2021. What do these two have in common? They were both initiatives of One Hope Canada seeking to keep kids connected with the Gospel.  The Best Book Club was a mail-in Bible study program for children to learn Bible verses and grow in their faith. Faith Spark has that same vision but on a digital platform. At Faith Spark we are building a community of like-minded people and ministries passionate about Gospel transformation in kids!


App Features

 A safe place for kids to connect with you, and your ministry, and learn about Jesus


Live Events

Bring your ministry to kids at home. Stream live events right from the app! Use the chat and poll feature to interact with your kids.

Group Chat

Stay connected! Kids can chat with friends and leaders on a safe, secure, moderated platform.

QuizIt & QBox

Create custom quizzes for kids to continue learning or silly quizzes to have some fun! Kids can ask questions about faith, life, God, and more in the leader-moderated QBox.

Photo & Video Gallery

Upload photos and videos. Help kids remember the fun they experienced while attending your program!


What does our community say?

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We used Faith Spark this past summer and have been excited about the follow-up potential it provided us as a camp. We were able to connect our cabin leaders directly with their campers in a safe and secure place after camp was over. The campers shared pictures of their pets and other 'things from home'. The cabin leaders could share thoughts and devotional material. Even the camp program director was able to upload a welcome video. As an administrator, it was easy to use and if I had any questions there were people available right away to answer them and help me out. We were also able to use the app as a place to connect with our Leaders in Training as a separate cabin. We look forward to the new possibilities the app will bring in the future!

Wanda Screpnek, Manitou Lake Bible Camp

Our camp started using the app this past summer, and it’s been really amazing seeing kids participate in the live events even after camp has been over. The app itself is really fun and easy to use, and I’ve really enjoyed being able to connect with the kids in a safe, super fun way!

Kendra Thiessen, Madge Lake Bible Camp

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