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Faith Spark May 2023 App Update (v.3.0)


  • Enhanced: Server capacity and reliability. We’ve rebuilt our servers from the ground up to offer you a smoother and more reliable experience.

Admin Site

  • Added: Edit Buttons. More edit buttons so that you don’t have to click through multiple pages to find how to edit something.

  • Added Pop-up tutorial. New admins will be met with a pop-up tutorial that will walk them through the admin site. We’ll also be using these pop-ups to highlight updates in the future.

  • Updated: Gallery view. Gallery photos will now appear in a grid rather than a list.

  • Updated: Gallery interaction. Gallery photos are now clickable and will expand into a photo carousel so you can more easily scroll through those memories!

  • Updated: Layer organization The bottom 3 layers (seasons, weeks, and cabins by default) now have their own pages rather than all being listed on one page.

  • Updated: Cards over lists. Some ministries had extremely long pages due to the number of seasons, weeks, and cabins they had. We’ve done away with the lists and have introduced cards to make everything not only nicer to look at, but also easier to find.

  • Enhanced: Themes. Theme choice now affects more throughout the site, not just the top navigation bar.

  • Removed: Clock. There’s a good chance you didn’t know the app had a clock. If you did, you probably noticed it wasn’t always right.

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