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Shortened Terms and Conditions

You agree to the following terms:

  1. Common Purpose: Teach and conduct yourself in a manner that is consistent with orthodox Christianity in the historic evangelical tradition.

  2. Child Protection Policy: Possess, maintain and adhere to an up-to-date child protection policy for your organization. You understand that the policy applies to all online activity that occurs within the Faith Spark app.

  3. Insurance: Carry appropriate liability insurance for your organization, including sexual abuse coverage.

  4. Obtaining Permission: Obtain parent or guardian permission for users of the Faith Spark app who are under the age of 18.

  5. Appropriate Online Behaviour: Take the necessary steps (when appropriate) to limit or prevent users who do not adhere to appropriate online behavior.

  6. Active Monitoring: You understand we are not providing “in-person” active and/or ongoing monitoring of the interaction between your leaders and users or between users themselves and that it is your responsibility to ensure acceptable online conduct, as you would during a “real world” event, ensuring your organization’s child protection policy is being followed.

As always, it's best to read the full terms and conditions.

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