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Safety Without Compromise
Top Priority
From day one, the development of FaithSpark has held your kids' safety as a top priority. In short, FaithSpark doesn’t cut corners when it comes to digital safety.
Chat Logs
Easily accessible chat logs keep your ministry leaders and kids safe and accountable during online communication.
Closed Community
Every ministry account is invite-only. This creates a trusted, accountable, and closed community made up exclusively of those you want to provide access to.
Image Moderation
Artificially intelligent software monitors every image sent in the FaithSpark app. Anything questionable is automatically removed before it is sent.
All chats, images, and videos can be reported by anyone in your ministry. This notifies both the ministry leader and FaithSpark so we can better support you.
Profanity Filter
Automatically filters messages to ensure the kids in your ministry are engaging in appropriate online communication.
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