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Choosing Faith Spark Means...
Deeper Relationships
Digital discipleship makes a big impact, up to 365 days a year. That means growing deeper relationships between leaders and kids, and kids building deeper relationships with God.
Ongoing Discipleship
Faith Spark is a safe, effective discipleship platform, created with kids in mind. You have more opportunities to stay connected regardless of how often you see them in person.
Age Appropriate
Faith Spark is for kids and youth. Most social apps require users to be 13 or older. Encouraging those in your ministry to connect on those platforms could have real repercussions (i.e, insurance, legal, ethical, etc.). With Faith Spark, you can connect with confidence.
Staying Engaged
Keep your group engaged during the week. Leaders can host livestreams and small group discussions, create custom quiz games, and more to expand your ministry.
Connecting Families
Faith Spark makes it easy to involve parents and guardians in the discipleship of their children. With at-home access to the app, the whole family can participate through videos, take-homes, livestreams, and more.
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