Why use Faith Spark?

Let me tell you about Sarah.

Usually, at the end of camp,  you hope she comes back. You hope she keeps learning about Jesus. But this year, it's different! 

Camp Week Ends

You say goodbye to Sarah. 

Sarah is given an access code to the Faith Spark app to set up her account. 

Sarah goes home

Sarah logs into Faith Spark and immediately, she sees a video from her leader! She views photos and videos from her time at camp. She smiles remembering all the good times she had.

3 Days after leaving

Sarah wants to share an exciting thing that happened to her.  She opens Faith Spark and starts messaging her cabin chat group.  She loves being able to continue her friendship with camp friends!

2 Weeks after leaving

Sarah gets a notification on her phone. A live event is starting! She clicks to join, and she sees leaders she knows from camp! They are doing a funny skit and sharing stories about Jesus. It makes her feel like she is back at camp! 

3 Weeks after leaving

Sarah participates in the weekly quiz her camp makes.  She tries to beat her friends at the fastest time! Through the quiz, she has fun but it also helps her remember things she learned at camp.

1 month after leaving

Sarah had a tough day and feels lonely.  She opens Faith Spark and sees friends are online chatting. She joins in and feels happy she can connect with friends like this!

2 months after leaving

Another notification! The monthly chapel is about to start. Sarah clicks to join. At the end, her camp leader invites her to go to the gallery to find a Bible study she can do that is based off of what her leader was sharing during chapel.

4 months after leaving

Sarah is at school and her friends say that God isn't real and doesn't answer pray. Sarah's family aren't believers so who can she ask? Then she remembers QBox! She asks the question and a leader responds, sharing Bible verses and helping her understand more. 

Countdown to camp begins

Sarah has been using the app all year to keep in touch with her friends and camp leaders. Through, Faith Spark she has even grown in her new faith. She is so excited to go back and see her leaders and friends! 

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