So, what can this app do for you?

Faith Spark is an amazing, effective follow-up platform to help you connect with the children and preteens in your ministry - whether you are running camp, church or other children's programming. Here are the exciting features of the app.


Keep in Touch.

Even after they go home, keep building into the relationships made - on a secure and safe platform.

Group Chat:  Kids can chat with friends and leaders on a safe, secure, moderated platform. Chat will only be available between 9am-9pm. 

Photo and Video Gallery: Upload photos and videos. Help kids remember the fun they experienced while attending your program! 

1-2-1 Chat: Kids can privately chat with their leaders.  All chats are stored in the backend and admins can view transcripts at any time. 

Keep the program going.

Continue the fun and teaching.

Live Events: Bring your ministry to kids at home. Stream live events right from the app! Use the chat and polling feature to have your kids interact with you during the livestream.


Keep the kids engaged.

Inspire curiosity about faith.

QBox: Kids can ask questions about faith, life, God, and more in the leader-moderated QBox.


QuizIT: Create custom quizzes for kids to continue learning or silly quizzes to have some fun! 

Make it yours

Customize the app to fit your ministry context

Customize Faith Spark:

  • Add your logo (not available on the MyCamp theme)

  • Choose from 8 app designs

  • Customize headings to fit your unique ministry

  • Upload your own welcome video to the app


Safety and security are non-negotiableFaith Spark offers a unique closed platform available only to the kids and leaders you allow.

Here are some ways Faith Spark keeps your kids safe:

  • Closed community

  • Image moderation

  • Profanity filter

  • Individuals can be banned

  • Real-time deletion of inappropriate comments or images

  • Chat is closed from 9 pm to 9 am local time

  • Users are only added and approved through a customized admin site

Want to see what the app can really do for you?

Watch our videos to get an idea of how Faith Spark can work for you!

Keep it safe.