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Why Faith Spark?: Press Kit
Everything you need and more
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Consistent communication is an integral part of digital follow-up. Direct messaging is second nature for the kids in your ministry; our app makes it easy and safe to share.

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Display your special ministry moments in our galleries. It's a great way to build relationships and remind kids why they need to come back!

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Kids have LOTS of questions! Using our built-in 'QBox,' they can ask questions about life, faith, and anything else to get the answers they need.

Group &
Direct Messaging
Photo &
Video Gallery
Custom Quizzes
(Returning Soon)
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Test your kids' knowledge with your own custom quizzes! Create unlimited quizzes that keep high scores. Pair with lessons or use on their own.

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Every FaithSpark account comes with automatic intelligent image and chat moderation. If a message or picture contains something it shouldn't, FaithSpark will remove it before it's sent.

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With FaithSpark, safety is always a top priority. Not only for your kids but for you and your leaders, too.


"Explore Safety"

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Intelligent Image &
Chat Moderation
Safety Measures
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