How secure is this app? Can I trust it?

Faith Spark offers a unique closed platform, and is only available to be used by kids and leaders you approve. The public does not have access to your community. It was created with international children’s app developer, Dubit, who have years of experience in creating safe and kid-friendly applications. Each child is given a unique 16-digit code, which you generate from the admin site. This code corresponds with their birthdate, securing the login process. Additional security features include: - Customized admin site allows you to add and approve users - Image moderation - Admins can delete inappropriate comments or images in real-time - Profanity filter - The ability to ban individuals if necessary - Day-time only chat (Chat is closed between 9 pm and 9 am local time) Please note: Your ministry’s own safety policies and procedures will apply to all interactions that take place on the Faith Spark platform.

How does livestream and chat work?

When streaming, you can choose which group or program receives your stream. If you are a ministry with multiple locations, you can also separate and organize chats and streams by location. If you need more hours of live streaming each month you can easily add that a la carte! If you have questions, please email

How do you determine subscription rates?

In creating the app to use for our camps, we did so keeping in mind the bigger picture - building a community of like-minded ministries who are committed to bringing the good news of Jesus to kids everywhere...all year long! Our goal in setting our subscription rates is to cover ongoing costs and improve the app’s features. Click here to see the cost model breakdown.

Is it possible to purchase my subscription at a reduced cost?

The monthly subscription fee covers costs and helps us continue to improve app features. However, if cost is a concern for you, we would be glad to discuss options for your ministry. Email

Do you offer support?

Yes. Though our team is small, we are mighty! We offer support via email at this time. We worked with children’s app developer Dubit to create Faith Spark, and its setup is as intuitive as possible but we understand if you need some help! Please submit support queries to Please note that if you are a parent requiring assistance, please contact the team that set you up with your child's account.

Can you explain the main points of the “fine print” of the terms and conditions?

You bet! Here are the highlights, but as always it's important to read the entire terms and conditions: - Common Purpose: Teach and conduct yourself in a manner that is consistent with orthodox Christianity in the historic evangelical tradition. - Child Protection Policy: Possess, maintain and adhere to an up-to-date child protection policy for your organization. You understand that the policy applies to all online activity that occurs within the Faith Spark app. - Insurance: Carry appropriate liability insurance for your organization, including sexual abuse coverage. - Obtaining Permission: Obtain parent or guardian permission for users of the Faith Spark app who are under the age of 18. - Appropriate Online Behaviour: Take the necessary steps (when appropriate) to limit or prevent users who do not adhere to appropriate online behavior. - Active Monitoring: You understand we are not providing “in-person” active and/or ongoing monitoring of the interaction between your leaders and users or between users themselves and that it is your responsibility to ensure acceptable online conduct, as you would during a “real world” event, ensuring your organization’s child protection policy is being followed.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my annual plan before it expires?

Yes, we do offer refunds on the unused portion of your annual plan. We will count the months following your cancellation to the expiration date. For example, if your subscription ends December 31, but you cancel on June 15, you would be refunded for July through December Please note: If you cancel, and then decide to re-subscribe, you will need to repeat the sign-up process. Your account will not be saved.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my monthly plan before it expires?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund if you cancel your monthly plan. You will have access to your account until your plan expires at the end of the month.

Can I provide feedback and suggestions for new features?

Absolutely! We want Faith Spark to be a community of like-minded ministries that use Faith Spark to connect and disciple kids in their journeys with Jesus. We would love to hear how the app is working for you, and your ideas for how we can continue to improve. Email to share your thoughts!

How do I choose the right plan?

It's a simple three step process!
1. Count your kids and leaders that will use Faith Spark. 2. Choose the subscription plan that matches. 3. Sign up for your plan!

Can I pause my subscription?

Unfortunately, pausing your subscription would require your account to be deleted. This is due to the safety of your kids - we would need to cancel all logins under your account. Therefore, we cannot pause subscriptions. You would need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe at a later date. You can always email us with any questions you may have about this!

Still have questions?